Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ah ... now its sexism

This is a really good interview with Carly Fiorina.

Apparently, Sarah Palin wasn't picked because she is a woman. She was picked because she was more qualified than Barack Obama. And, its sexism to say otherwise, despite the fact that Carly herself knows nothing else about her. Also, it seems not to matter that Sarah Palin has diametrically opposite views as McCain on key issues such as global warming, because "people don't vote on single issues". Apparently, this is about diversity and coming together, except that many of these issues may be issues she will have to deal with.

Apparently, 20 months as Governor of Alaska (which, I am told has fewer people than a neighbourhood in Bethesda, MD), and 8 years as mayor of a town of 5000 (with 54 people under her) is enough executive experience to be President, more so than years in the US Senate. As Colbert points out in the clip below, by that token, Palin actually has more experience than McCain. Isn't the ticket the wrong way around?

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